About Us

Sailing has to begin with a love for the sea. Born in a land surrounded by water and extending into an archipelago, George Andreadis realised very young that he wanted to be a sailor. Achievement innovation and service have defined his career in the sport: he started sailing at an early age, participated in important regattas locally and internationally, finally achieving his dream of becoming an Olympian at the Mexico Games 1968. For the next 40 years he raced, won, organised and helped the sport of Sailing grow in his home country and around the world. His career was instrumental in positioning Sailing in Greece as one of the premier sports in his country culminating in helping create Olympic and World Champions as well as his active involvement in keeping sailing a vital part of the Olympic program. George Andreadis soon realised that a sporting activity such as Sailing, multifaceted in its reach, encompassing a wide age and skill groups is more than a sport. It is part a vibrant part of human civilization, ever since the first wooden sailing boats sought to catch the wind with their sails and go out exploring, millennia ago.

This passionate thinking was behind the creation of the Atalanti Racing Team in 1974. It is a team that George Andreadis still actively runs today, which by now has become synonymous with excellence in the sport, with promoting the values of Sailing for over 40 years now. Decades of sailing experience and contacts around the world have enabled George Andreadis to bring major sailing events to his native land; to have the Atalanti team associated with some of the best sailing talent in Greece and at the same time fostering excellence and innovation in sailing competition. Above all, George Andreadis has contributed – not only through his roles in sailing administration, throughout the years, dealing with the organization and image of the sport, as well as obtaining a wider recognition for the sport of Sailing. George Andreadis and the Atalanti Racing Team’s vision is one of a sport always evolving, whilst its core values remain the same: that of exploring and enjoying the sea, of exploring every sailing area from a barrier into a broad welcoming avenue of new experiences.